VNR 100

Key Features

  • Simultaneously record and play back VN-Matrix AV streams
  • Time-shift playback capabilities support time slip or chase play
  • Transport controls include: play, pause, single frame forward or back, play or jump back at 2x 4x 8x speed
  • System scalability - create multi-channel recording systems using multiple VNR 100 units
  • Synchronize playback across multiple VNR 100 units
  • PURE3® codec — provides visually lossless compression, efficient bit rates, and absolute frame encoding supporting
  • Removable storage
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VNS 104

VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software decodes one or four video streams and one stereo audio stream from VN-Matrix 225 real-time encoders and VN-Matrix Recorder playback channels. It operates on a Windows PC and is managed from a VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller. The VNS 104 is used in monitoring, remote presentation viewing, distance collaboration, and data visualization, in a variety of environments including command and control, after action review, training and simulation, medical and geological visualization.

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