VNS 104



  • Decodes and displays one or four VN-Matrix PURE3® video streams on a single display from a Windows PC platform
  • Decodes one audio source which is selectable from the four decoded VN-Matrix streams
  • Managed and controlled from VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller
  • Monitor four VN-Matrix streams from one display as a cost effective alternative to multiple hardware decoders and displays
  • Scaling and aspect ratio control — The aspect ratio of each video stream can be controlled by selecting FILL, FOLLOW, or 1:1 presentation for each source in four stream or one stream presentation mode.
  • Select display mode and switch streams from an external control interface — Presentation mode and stream selection is managed from the VNM Enterprise Controller, a central control system, allowing users to select display arrangements and streams from a simple customized touchpanel, or other interface.
  • Audio source selection, mute, and level control — Control audio as required for each source selection.
  • Text overlay messaging — Source, display, and status messaging can be defined to a variety of fonts, colors, and positions, supporting various workflow, system commissioning, and fault finding activities.
  • User defined splash screens — Present familiar visual messaging or organizational branding.
  • Software license supports installation on one endpoint
  • For use on LANs or private networks supporting multicast traffic

  • Note: Real-time performance of VNS 104 will vary depending on the processing capability of the computing hardware, as well as the streaming bit rate. For predictable real-time performance, use VN-Matrix hardware decoding.
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VNR 100

The VNR 100 digitally records and plays back high-definition computer graphics, video, audio, and data streamed in VN-Matrix® systems. It can record and play back at the same time, increasing duty cycles for expensive source equipment and presentation systems by utilizing both recording and play back features simultaneously. The time-slip feature allows a live event to be recorded while a previous event is played back, and the chase-play feature allows a recording in progress to be streamed with a time-shifted delay. VN-Matrix systems can be configured with multiple VNR 100 units to record and play back synchronized multi-source AV presentations or multi-screen display systems.

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