The Extron DMP 128 Digital Matrix Processor is a 12x8 audio mixer featuring Extron ProDSP™, automixing, and I/O expansion capabilities. The DMP 128 AT models are the newest additions to the DMP 128 family of audio DSPs, featuring Dante™ audio networking. This feature provides a very wide range of possibilities for large-scale audio system designs and future system expansion.

Four models in the DMP 128 product family are now shipping, the DMP 128, DMP 128 C, DMP 128 AT, and DMP 128 C AT. The DMP 128 C and DMP 128 C AT versions feature AEC - acoustic echo cancellation.

The DMP 128 Series offers a configuration approach to DSP that simplifies mixing, routing, conferencing, and room optimization. Quick and intuitive configuration using the DSP Configurator™ Software allows the DMP 128 Series to be installed in very little time, with easy-to-learn adjustments that can be heard in real-time. A digital audio expansion port allows two DMP 128 units to be linked together to expand input and output signal management and routing capabilities. The DMP 128 is ideal for presentation and conferencing applications in boardrooms, courtrooms, and conference centers that require advanced matrix mixing with DSP.

Key Features:

  • Six models with 12 mic/line inputs and 8 outputs

  • Models available with AEC, Dante, and POTS

  • Eight channels of AEC - acoustic echo cancellation

  • Analog phone interfacing with POTS line and handset connections

  • Dante audio networking provides a wide range of expansion capabilities

  • Digital audio expansion port for linking two DMP 128 units

  • Automixer with eight groups

  • ProDSP 32/64-bit floating point signal processing

  • Studio grade 24-bit/48 kHz analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters

  • Low latency DSP processing

  • DSP Configurator Software

  • Intuitive Graphical User Environment

  • Building Blocks processor templates

  • 20 digital I/O ports for remote control or feedback

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